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Beekeeping is amazing, but getting started can be a challenging journey

The first year is crucial - and with lots to learn, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s so much conflicting advice available, and sometimes it’s incorrect. 

So we’ve created a way to fast-track your learning easily and enjoyably. Learn in your own time from the world's experts, with high-quality videos explaining what you need to know in order to feel confident looking after your bees. 

PLUS: 50% of the profits go towards bee-friendly projects and habitat regeneration initiatives around the world.


At last...

The beekeeping knowledge you need, all in one place! 

Enjoy a streamlined learning process with HD video content to guide you through the amazing world of bees. 

Avoid trawling through endless forums and videos to find the information you require at each stage of your beekeeping journey.

Featuring the world's experts

Our course includes content from many leading figures in bees and beekeeping from around the world. 

They cover everything that you need to understand in order to be successful. 

Experts also feature in live video Q&A sessions

Your membership helps to protect pollinators

The bees need our help! 

These tiny creatures are vital to our food supply and to the health of the natural world that we all depend on. 

That's why 50% of the profits from this site are donated to projects focused on habitat regeneration and advocacy for pollinators. 


No contract, no cancellation fees, no commitment.

Sample Videos

Some examples of what's available when you sign up:

Course Video: Don't Make This Mistake!

Course Video How & Why To Find The Queen

"It's amazed me how easy it is… Watching videos so that you can actually give yourself the confidence to be able to take the steps that you do in beekeeping. Knowing what to look out for, knowing how to keep a happy hive. I think the whole system, every part of it so far has been about ease and about making beekeeping a really enjoyable experience."

Johanna Griggs
TV Presenter & Beekeeper

"You can do it at your own pace. It's like having a teacher available 24/7."

Janene Price
Beekeeper at Harvest Newrybar / Love to Grow

"Having the ability to specifically dial down what your issue is and find it online is going to help you enormously."

Peter McCoy
Beekeeper at Omaroo Coffee


HD video

Get high-definition instructional videos, streamed to any device.

Learn from the best

Draw on the expertise of the world's leading bee experts. 

Live video Q&A

Get your questions answered by the experts.

Helping the bees!

Your membership helps to protect pollinators.

Practical Tutorials

Quickly gain the skills you need to become a confident beekeeper.

Text summaries

Learn more easily with bullet point lesson synopses.

Optional assessments

Solidify your knowledge with our fun quizzes.

Handy downloads

Access useful resources to assist in your beekeeping journey.


It's so much easier when you've got a helping hand!

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get access to:

  • Regular content drops featuring a set of beginner beekeeping lessons (focused on Flow Hive and Langstroth style beekeeping). 
  • High-definition videos from beekeeping experts around the world. 
  • The ability to log in and view course content at any time using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Handy text summaries and downloads.
  • Regular emails directing you to specific course content (unsubscribe any time).
  • We'll let you know when live video Q&A sessions with experts are taking place.
  • Optional assessment quizzes to help you to solidify your learning. 

The free trial period lasts for 30 days.

Our site will prompt you to enter payment information in order to sign up for your free trial period. You will need to enter either a valid credit card or PayPal account. We do not charge at the time of sign up. After your free trial period expires you will be billed monthly/yearly.

Yes - no contract, no cancellation fees, no commitment.

It's easy to cancel online anytime, and if you do so you will not be billed again at the end of your current billing cycle (monthly/yearly). 

Content is delivered in sequential blocks.

We start with the absolute basics and over time progress through more in-depth material.

The following is a list of lesson titles to give you a sense of what the curriculum includes. (NB: Not all of these are confirmed yet, actual course content is subject to change.):


  • Secret Life of Bees: The Beehive
  • Tips & Tricks Before You Get Your Bees
  • Where To Put Your Hive - Save Yourself Some Pain!
  • Getting Broody - Frames & Comb
  • Four Ways To Get Bees
  • Your First Brood Inspection
  • Secret Life of Bees: Lifecycle of a Bee
  • Don't Do This!
  • Hive Health: Is What I'm Seeing Normal Or Not?
  • Her Royal Highness
  • Bee Genetics
  • Troubleshooting Hive Problems
  • The Beekeeping Year - An Overview
  • The Art & Science of Beekeeping
  • Queenlessness
  • Hive Health: Varroa Monitoring and Management
  • Pollinator Conservation: 'Gardening to Save the Planet'
  • Secret Life of Bees: The Magic of Pollination
  • The Beekeeping Year: Supering Your Hive (Or Not)
  • The Beekeeping Year: Nutrition and Feeding
  • Swarm Management
  • Hive Health: Small Hive Beetle
  • Dealing With Cross Comb
  • Secret Life of Bees: Nectar - From Flower to Honey
  • Hive Health: AFB & EFB
  • The Beekeeping Year: Sweet Rewards - When to Harvest
  • The Medicinal Properties of Honey
  • The Beekeeping Year: Overwintering
  • Moving a Hive
  • Harvesting Honey
  • Bee Speak: The Waggle Dance
  • Hive Health: Chalkbrood
  • Native Bees
  • Secret Life of Bees: Turning Pollen Into Bee Bread
  • Alternatives to Pesticides
  • Beekeeping Tech & Data
  • Secret Life of Bees: Roles in the Hive
  • Secret Life of Bees: Anatomy
  • Hive Health: Nosema
  • Adding a Second Brood Box
  • How Brood Comb Changes Over Time
  • Hive Health: Wax Moth
  • Stop Thief! Robber Bees - What to Do
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Bee Speak: Pheromones
  • Secret Life of Bees: Navigation
  • Easy Queen Rearing
  • Beekeeping Throughout History
  • Pesticides in Your Neighbourhood
  • Storing Honey
  • Marketing & Selling Honey
  • The Beekeeping Year: Hot Climates
  • Thixotropic Honeys
  • Propolis & Other Bee Products
  • Why 2 Hives Are Better Than 1
  • Mind Your Own Beeswax - Uses for Wax
  • Maintaining Your Timber Hive
  • Secret Life of Bees: What Bees See
  • Advanced Swarm Management
  • Bee Removals
  • Bees in Mythology, Poetry & Literature
  • Operating at Commercial Scale 
  • Creating Native Bee Habitats
  • Great Beekeeping Books
  • The Surprising Intelligence of Honeybees & Bumblebees
  • ...Plus more to come!


The course content is suitable for a wide variety of regions and climates. Most of the featured experts are based in the USA and Australia. We will be covering advice for overwintering in cold climates as well as ways to help your bees in very hot climates.

Currently the list of featured experts includes:

  • Kirsten S. Traynor, PhD
  • Michael Bush
  • Professor Marla Spivak
  • Hilary Kearney
  • Professor Dave Goulson
  • Randy Oliver
  • Professor Madeleine Beekman
  • Professor Ben Oldroyd
  • Dr. Nural Cokcetin
  • Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich
  • Doug Purdie
  • Dr. Judy Wu-Smart
  • Dr. Andrew Barron
  • Dr. Jamie Ellis
  • Professor James Wilkes
  • Sam Droege
  • Frederick Dunn
  • Liz Frost
  • Mark Page
  • Megan Halcroft
  • Lars Fischer
  • Zofus Knudsen
  • James Dorey
  • Stuart Anderson
  • Cedar Anderson
  • ...and more to come!'s mission is to protect bees and pollinators, and to celebrate the vital role they play in our natural world. 
We do this by: 

  • Gathering the knowledge of the world’s experts; 
  • Providing high-quality beekeeping education; 
  • Donating to projects/organisations that support habitat regeneration and advocacy for pollinators. is an initiative of BeeInventive Pty Ltd, a certified B Corp.

Projects that BeeInventive is supporting in 2019 include the Bee Friendly Farming Project by Pollinator Partnership and the Green Carpenter Bee Conservation Project in conjunction with Wheen Bee Foundation


Read more here.

Attending a beekeeping course usually costs upwards of $300...

Our content can be accessed from the comfort of home!




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Content delivered sequentially

Live Q&A video sessions




1 month free trial

Content delivered sequentially

Live Q&A video sessions 


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