Testimonials from members of our online beekeeping course


"I can’t tell you how much my confidence has soared since doing the course. Full of self doubt I had even contemplated selling my, as yet unopened Flow Hive, but not now. Can not wait till spring and I already have a place earmarked where a wild local hive will be getting ready to split - they’re so docile too. All thanks to this course. THANK YOU SO MUCH Y’ALL" 
- Bernie Randall

"We are working our way through the online course as we wait for our bees to arrive. It is the best course ever, we have learnt so so much, such an enjoyable and valuable course. Thoroughly recommend it"
- Debra Ann Kelly

"Thebeekeeper.org changed my life!"
- Max Mancini

“Thank you for high quality content. The internet has a lot to sit through. I like having a trusted website for guidance." 
- Devin Pierce

“The support has enabled us to feel confident to set up and maintain our own hive, particularly as we are a bit remote to attend regular club meetings. We appreciate your amazing work. Thank you.
- Suzanne Lomas

“This course is making my novice beekeeping experience a special one.”
- Rolf Strahle

“Clear and useful instruction and very interesting facts, videos and the experts are all very knowledgeable, it has given me the confidence to try beekeeping for myself!”
- Georgie Gazard

I took the beekeeping course online and felt really well prepared (I think better than most beginners anyways). There have been over a dozen little things that long-time beekeepers have told me as a bit of advice that I already knew!  Wow that course was really good prep and settled my nerves some going into the unknown. Literally had never done anything beekeeping-wise until taking the course and installing two packages of bees in two hives!
- Jim

 “It starts from scratch so I feel I'm learning from the ground up. I know some people who are beekeepers and it has always sounded very complicated when they have tried to tell me about how it all works. So far this course is very practical and understandable.”
- Ed Knickman

“The videos and short quiz make it easy to learn and doesn't overload you with info, you learn at your own pace which I really enjoy."
- Jake Tuckerman 

“I like the way the course is broken down into small categories, which makes it very easy to digest. I like the assessments at the end of each section, also the way the info is very clear and that there is text as well as video. I find that reading the text after watching the video helps consolidate the content. It’s extremely well thought out.”
- Rebecca Lawlor

“Easily understood. Set out in modules so material can easily be referenced. Well done,” 
- Ricki Smith

“I love these lessons! Everything from the guest speakers to the high digital video technology on bees in flight, all learning information, examples, Q&A, even the test at the end and documents to print.” 
- Helena Marich

“Very easy to follow. Great pace. Great to hear from a range of experts.” 
- Marcus Whitby

"It’s simple and easy to follow while giving you a lot of very useful information." 
- Richard Jones

"We love our Flow Hive so much!! Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful learning experience. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜"”
- Leanne

“The videos are the best and it is clear and easy to learn..” 
- Libby Beakley 

“Fantastic source of information. As a new beekeeper who has set up my hive but not yet received a Nuc, I find this incredibly interesting. As a product developer myself, I know how much work and effort will have gone into the Flow Hive, and then to double down with this fantastic online resource, I think you are doing great work”
- Nick Bernard

 "It provides great resources and lots of useful tips. I feel confident I will be very supported if I need help once I get my bees.”
- Di Meyer

“The amount of information and that you can go back and go through any lesson again to refresh your knowledge. I like having different subjects and like the assessment. Being able to work through this at your own pace is great.” 
- Michelle Brambilla 

“I love the videos, they are very interesting and my kids love them too.”
- Krystle Berry

“I look forward to new lessons all the time, thanks.”
- Gavin Norton

It’s relevant, not blinding me with science but presented in an interesting, low key way that makes it enjoyable to watch but easy to retain the key points.
- Stephanie Laurie

"Lily has learnt so much about bees in the months of preparing the hive and was so inspired to go as a bee to the school ‘mini beast’ day. She can’t wait for her bees to arrive in a couple of weeks. Let the Flow begin! Thank you for developing such a wonderful educational system for families to enjoy." 
- Meredith


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